Coach Thom Finn

Bridging the Gap Between Surviving and Thriving

Coach Thom's first hand experience at running his own business:

"I can still remember that evening clearly, maybe 18 or 19 years ago, my business was just starting and I quickly was learning what a cash flow crunch meant.  I was sitting in the parking lot-almost crying- trying to figure out how I was going to come up with the money for payroll the next day.  The only thing I could do was throw up."


Know these things before working with Coach Thom:

 1.  He's one of the most demanding Business Coaches out there with high expectations of his all clients to get the results he was hired to bring.

 2.  He'll leave no stone unturned when it comes to positive cash flow and profitability.

 3.  He is allergic to debt in a client's business.

 4.  He'll give it you straight and is like a dog with a bone when it comes to Goals and will always focus on "First Things First".

 5.  Your 1st "Free, No Strings Coach Session" is exactly that.  The best free advice without any kind of obligation or commitment.

Coach Thom will always be grateful for the education he received from Penn State, where he has graduate/undergraduate degrees in Hotel Administration, Marketing, and Labor Relations.  The Labor Relations was actually an accident.   In his quest to find the classes that started as late in the day as possible, young Thom earned enough credits in this specific field to receive a minor.

After graduation from PennState, he worked for Hyatt Hotels in sales, being one of the youngest Director of Sales the company had ever promoted.  A few years later, Coach Thom had a tremendous opportunity to purchase 2 under performing limited service properties in Central Pennsylvania which he owned and managed for 16 years.

Having experienced the success, struggles, and challenges of entrepreneurship first hand, Coach Thom finally found his true vocation and passion in 2003 when he became a Certified Business Coach. Since then he has worked with 136 different organizations of all areas of business with a reputation of expertise in sales, sales administration, strategic planning and personal performance.

"Because my background is sole proprietor/owning and running my own business- I completely understand where my clients are coming from.  Although I had a few years in the corporate world, owning your own business is completely different."

Never far from the class room, Coach Thom has continued his education by becoming a certified copywriter in 2007, and over 75 credit hours earned with The Marketing Professionals Group.  His studies have focused on marketing psychology, the psychology of web use, and customer buying habits and recently published a series of white papers on Entrepreneurial Attention Deficit Disorder (EADD).  

He recently began work on his Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  “The more I coach businesses, the more I realize that at the core - it’s about the successful interactions of people.  The greatest tactic or strategy in the world can fail if the people who responsible for executing are stuck…”

For the past 3 years, Coach Thom was awarded “Coach of The Year for Best Client Results for the North American and South American Regions”.  In both years he was also recognized for having the ultimate in client satisfaction: the highest client retention rate of any Coach on either continent.   Then to his sheer shock, Coach Thom was named “Global Coach of the Year for Best Client Results”

On the Awards, Coach Thom stated “I’m very grateful and honored to receive the award but it’s really a reflection on my clients.  I work with the smartest, hardest working bunch of people anywhere in North America or South America-right here in Central Pennsylvania!  It’s their talent that I coach that brings the success I celebrate.  While they may be pleased with the results we bring to profits, and the way I show a positive return on their investment so quickly, I think the one thing they value-and maybe without realizing it- is the accountability and focus I bring.  I know I can be a pain at times- but it’s this relentless accountability that channels their resources to bring us success.”   


Finn feels in these turbulent times, he has to be even more demanding and push his clients ever more in order to meet their goals.“On more than one occasion, I have been told by my clients that if it were not for me pushing them harder, they would be doing much worse during these trying times,” he said. “And that to me is much more of an accolade than the award I received at this conference.”

“My grandmother used to say, ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Just like my clients, I longingly look back just one short year ago when things were a little easier, but there isn’t a moment to spare these days.  And like all the coaches, I know I have to step up my game, my commitment, my dedication just as the clients are stepping up theirs,” he said. “So it’s another year of being obsessed with results and keep on paying for myself with my clients over and over again.”

Finn has long been regarded as a “bottom-line” coach.
“I’d like to think I’m this robot Business Coach – one that only cares about the numbers and about improving the bottom line. But in the past year I’ve seen more and more businesses owners and leaders who have a certain look in their eye,” he said. “We don’t talk about this, but we both know that it’s a sense of nervousness and some fear about the future – the kind they’ve never had in their entire lifetime.”


Finn looks at this grim situation as something that serves him and his clients as a motivational force to improve and excel.
“This provides even more motivation for me to turn my clients’ businesses around so they can make profits and numbers which will ultimately give them the peace of mind they really deserve.”