Coach Thom Finn


"When I first started working with Coach Thom my intent was to sign on for a year…..which has come on gone. I have been challenged in a lot of areas by his coaching and have at times enjoyed those challenges. Also, I think it’s inarguable that we’ve experienced sales growth as a result of having worked with Coach Thom. Thanks so much for the hard work you’ve contributed. I have said before and will continue to say that the money spent on coaching with you was some of the smartest money we’ve spent in a long time. Quite simply, you deliver more then what your clients pay for, and that is a rare thing."

Patrick Miller

Grader Supply and Pole Buildings

"We made so much more money since we started working with Coach Thom, last year our profits went up by 230%. We are a young couple in business together and to be honest- never dreamed our business could be where it is. Coach Thom humbly tells us our success is due to our raw talent, but I like to point to him that it's just a like a football team. Raw Talent doesn't win Super Bowls- an experienced and great Coach is just as important. It hasn't been smooth sailing all the time- we've really gotten "beat up" in a few sessions but have learned lessons from it. Coach Thom' relentless focus on our cash flow has not only helped us through that first year of business when so many entrepreneurs go under, but helped keep our growth seems manageable. I would highly recommend the focus and guidance he brings.

When we first considered coaching we were nervous, wondering "how would we pay for a small business coach?" We were not quite sure if we wanted someone looking at our business dirty laundry. But working with Coach Thom Finn has been wonderful. Now we take credit for working very hard to get this improvement, but we know we could not have accomplished this working on our own. We know we are working with the "mean coach"- he's very demanding and tells it like it is whether we want to hear it or not, but we really look forward to our sessions.

Coach Thom brings a sense of security to our decision making process and the guidance and advice he brings to each session has been essential. He really has taught us a new way of thinking about our business that has saved us year of mucking around. When we look around at other business owners we see who are doing the same thing over and over and over again, we want to tell them they need a coach and they just look at us with blank stares. They just don't get it- that there is a new and profitable way of looking at their business that an outside point of view can bring. All of us small business owners have some sort of blind spot- and a coach shines a light on it so it's out in the open. We plan on working with Thom Finn for a long, long, long time."

Rachel and Jim Shenk

"Thom rekindled our passion for our business. We are excited about it again and with each weekly visit, he helps us keep the passion for it."
Kevin Jury 

Kevin’s Place Restaurant

"We want to thank you for the time and effort you put into our hiring process.  I know that all of us enjoyed your company and we greatly appreciated your support.  This was of course the first time we have ever done this, and we all agree that it was a much easier and appealing process overall.  We have hopes that it will yield the perfect candidate, but even if it doesn’t, the time was well spent and this seems to be the right process for our company with all future hires.
We value your opinions and look forward to working with you."
Best Regards,
Jonathan Ebersole
Computer Development Systems, LLC

"Just had to stop and say thank you so much for all your help!!!  You have been such a blessing!!!!  I am getting very positive comments about the changes we made in the food/houseware sections!!!  I don’t ever really remember of getting such great comments on any other move!  People have stopped me and said that it is such a good change!!! And it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t pushed me to do something I didn’t really want to do!!!!!!!!!  It is all to your credit!!! "
- Fay Horning / Horning Inc

"I'm a man of few words. The proof is in the numbers. After 9 months with Coach Thom our Net Income rose 118%. We went from losing money to making money. We really didn't need help in the marketing, so Coach Thom really pushed us in our shop and manufacturing efficiency. 118%..."

Omar Esch
Herndon Reload Company, Herndon, PA

"My biggest anxiety when considering coaching was "can I afford it?" But I quickly saw first hand the difference that having a coach made and saw for me that yes-it was worth it! I believe that the coaches are very aware of their clients' investments and work very hard to make coaching pay for itself very quickly. In fact coaching actually paid for itself faster than I thought- within the first 6 months we took my gross profits from 17% to 46%! Coach Thom also helped me improve my AR which in turn helped my cash flow. Coach Thom worked very methodically with me on where we should focus and what we should work on first. He moves at a pretty fast pace and is pretty demanding but it was exactly what I needed. For example, Coach Thom had some great ideas for ads so we ran a few new ads in different medias, then we tested and measured and found out what was working and –just as importantly what was not working-this has helped me to not waste money on ads that just weren't working. My Action Coach also helped me set up systems so now things don't fall through the cracks and our clients have noticed the improvement in our shop appearance.

I am very thankful I signed up with Coach Thom and I would very much recommend coaching to any business owner or executive who wants to grow, improve and reach their dreams. It is great and a good feeling to know you have someone you can call to get advice anytime. I think it is very important to have someone from the outside looking in. Coach Thom can help me make much better decisions. I can not imagine not having a coach!"

Matt Snader 

Snader Computer Services


"I was a little leery of this whole coaching thing, since I had talked to consultants before. But the real difference in coaching, and specifically Coach Thom at ActionCOACH, is the fact that he is also a business. A real entrepreneur that has won some and lost some and understands what I go through day in and day out. Sometimes the best value is just being able to sit down and talk to Coach Thom and get my vision back again. Of course the increase business results don't hurt either!! Thom you are a real shot in the arm for me. Thanks for everything you do."

Nate King
King Brothers Transport 


"Congratulations on your Coach of the Year Award.  

Seriously, it’s a very well deserved award and I would like to wish you congratulations!  I know that a lot of the success that has occurred here at Auto Success, Inc. is directly related to your assistance, insight, and being a pain in the _____…but it really is all very much appreciated!!"

Steve Goble
Auto Success Inc.


“He’s mean, ugly and hard to get along with……..
But that’s exactly what we needed.  With Coach Thom we needed that chemistry to give us the truth about our business.  Too many people will tell you want you just want to hear.  Coach Thom cares enough about Lanco to give us the straight shooting truth.

Our investment with Coach Thom is worth it. ”

Sam Ebersol
Dell Sauder
Lanco Hydraulics



“I take more Tylenol now than I ever have…
I heard about Coach Thom from a supplier who said that over the 2 years he worked with him, he something like paid for himself 4 times over.  I was working with another coach and decided to switch.

Man, I am glad we did.  Like the supplier, he has more than paid for himself.  The real added bonus is the relentless attention he pays to FOCUS.  He is able to keep me and my team on track during our sessions and with his homework assignments, he keeps us focused on what’s really important in between sessions.

I have just completed by first year with Coach Thom and don’t see him leaving for the foreseeable future…
(When asked by the survey taker if there were any drawbacks, Lynn said)…
…he’s one of the most intense people I’ve ever met.  I have a splitting headache after every single session.  I feel like my brain is mush when I’m done with him.  He doesn’t really chit chat and he’s mostly business and he NEVER lets up.  I heard that one of his clients sees him twice a month for 3 or 4 hours at a shot.  I just cannot get my mind around that…

My advice to anyone who is considering working with him is to make you sure you have plenty of Tylenol."

-Lynn Martin of Ephrata




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